campus security: [April 2010]

Georgia Tech Students Develop Digital Locks for Shared Bikes
From "Georgia Tech Students Develop Digital Locks for Shared Bikes" by Mary Helen Miller, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 11, 2010

Students at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed an automatic system for unlocking bikes used by Emory University's bike-sharing program. Students will soon be able use a bike by sending a text message with the bike's identification number to a server, which will forward the request to the bike and unlock it automatically. After using the bike, the rider will secure the bike anywhere with an attached cable and send another text message to lock it. The group at Georgia Tech is working on a second version of a prototype, and the final version should be ready for Emory by this summer. Emory plans to add 11 "viaCycle" bikes to its fleet, which has about 40 bikes. Gradually, the university will replace all of its bikes with the new ones. 

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