campus security: [March 2010]

Earthquake in Chile
From "American Students Are Safe in Chile Following Earthquake" by Andrea Fuller, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 1, 2010, "Quake in Chile Damages University of Concepcion; American Students Are Safe" by The Ticker, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 1, 2010, and "6 Chilean University Officials Killed in Plane Crash Surveying Quake Damage" by Marion Lloyd, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2, 2010

Six Chilean university administrators on a mission to survey damage following the Feb. 27 earthquake were killed after their aircraft crashed north of Concepcion. The victims were high-ranking officials at the private University of San Sebastian and Ipege Professional Institute, a technical college affiliated with the university. The officials were on their way to survey the damage to the university's Concepcion campus and to provide assistance to its students and professors. On March 2, government aviation officials were still determining the cause of the crash.

The University of Concepcion was the only university reporting major damage to its facilities. A fire started by the earthquake destroyed the university's main chemistry laboratory building, which was one of the country's most important research facilities. University officials said March 2 that classes in the disaster zone, which spans hundreds of miles from Concepcion to Santiago, would be suspended for at least a week. There were no specific reports of Chilean university students or professors among the victims.

Foreign universities are still trying to locate exchange students, but many reported having accounted for most of their students. From the University of Notre Dame, 27 students and staff members in the capital city of Santiago were found safe. Students and professors from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville on their way to the capital were on planes that were diverted to other cities. Students from Tufts University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and others were also found to be safe.

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