campus security: [March 2010]

Commission Restricts Strong Alcohol in Iowa After Hazing Incident
From "Iowa Scrutinizes Alcohol Policy After a Hazing Incident" by Andrea Fuller, The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 21, 2010 and "Commission Restricts Strong Alcohol in Iowa" by Diane Heldt, WCF Courier, February 26, 2010

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission on Feb. 25 approved new restrictions on Everclear, a 151-proof alcoholic beverage, specifying that only one size of the drink would now be available on store shelves. The commission billed the measure as a way to address abuse of high-content alcohol by underage drinkers. Last fall, a student at Drake University (IA) was hospitalized with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.5; levels above 0.35 are commonly fatal. The student had been drinking large quantities of Everclear as part of a fraternity hazing incident. The commission is also considering a system to register purchasers of potent alcohol, similar to the system Iowa has for kegs of beer. 

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